Mother Earth is being destroyed, ravaged, and we are forced to be helpless, unable to see what we could possibly do to save it. Well, now you have a way. This is my site where I share sketches of possible inventions,  ideas, and tips to save the world. Please do not steal any inventions, and if you do, I will hunt you down. If you wish to use a bit of my ideas, chat with me on instagram:theecotions, and email, theecotions@gmail.com .

If you come up with an invention, idea, tip, ANYTHING, and it comes to my notice, I will ask your permission and put it up on this blog, with all due credits.

I can only hope this will inspire someone in the near future. I know I am going to be an inventor too.


Many people have asked me what my odd name means. It is actually a collab, where I fuse ‘eco’ and ‘inventions’ to create the word ‘ecotions,’ which means ‘inventions for nature.’

Never be afraid to share your ideas with me as I will NOT steal them, however you must return the same favour.

Have a green day!